Medics Ambulance Service


Medics will transport stable patients by ground anywhere in the United States. Call for a quote!

Medics Ambulance Service offers the following levels of transport for our patients:

Critical Care Transport (CCT)

Patients requiring portable ventilator services while being transported require CCT.

Critical Care Transport Level 2 (CCT-2)

Patients requiring BIPAP capabilities during transport require a CCT-2 unit.

Specialty Care Transport (SCT)

Patients requiring precise administration of medications through IV pumps.

Advanced Life Support (ALS)

Patients requiring drugs or cardiac monitor require ALS.

Basic Life Support (BLS)

Patients requiring medical attention during transport should go BLS.

Response Time Criteria

Emergency (911)

10 minutes maximum response originating from a 911 dispatch system.

Priority 1

If you have a critical patient requiring "bed side pickup" within 30 minutes request a Priority 1 when calling.

Priority 2

If you have an ALS patient who requires "bed side pickup" within 60 minutes request a Priority 2 when calling.

Priority 3

Everything else with a mutually agreed upon response time.

Medics strives to achieve the highest level of excellence on every patient transport.